What goes well with prosecco? Jerky of course.

With Christmas just around the corner the shops are full of must have treats, be that at the works Christmas party or for the annual street get together there is a nibble that is perfect to go with your favourite tipple.ChristmasNibbles

But, what if you’re trying to stay away from the classic nibbles, crisps, nuts, frozen platters, sausage rolls? Then maybe you should try serving up your favourite meat snack, jerky instead.  It’ll create a great talking point and will definitely make your Christmas nibble spread stand out from next doors.

Now we all know that the supermarkets will have plenty of offers on prosecco on so why not take the trolley down the crisp, nuts and snacks aisle and see what alternative nibbles are out there.  There’s not just jerky (but we think this would be the best option!)

With our jerky available in beef, chicken and salmon there’s a jerky for all pallets and dietary requirements (almost).  Jerky is meaty enough to pair well with not only prosecco but your favourite gin and tonic or a craft beer.

Prosecco has traditional been served with cured meats such as parma ham so jerky is the perfect accompaniment.  With a delicious flavour and texture that goes well with a refreshing prosecco our jerky flavours will complement this popular fizz.

With jerky being made from a simple method – marinated, slowly cooked and smoked it is a lower calorie snack so makes a great alternative to mince pies.

Find out more about what craft beer to go with your jerky here.


Please remember to drink and snack responsibly.

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