What is biltong?

Our biltong is made using only the finest silverside of beef (sometimes we also use other game such as ostrich, kudu and venison).  Our beef is sourced mainly from the UK and Ireland with some from the EU, from suppliers that we have long relationships with.

All the cattle we use are raised in grassy pastures during the summer months and then fed on vegetables, silage and grain in the winter months.

What do we do with the silverside?  The silverside is then marinated using an original South African recipe that includes spices such as pepper, garlic and cumin alongside some soya to help preserve the meat.

The silverside is then cut into strips and hung in our special biltong drying room until it reaches just the right level of moistness.  Our team of biltong pickers check the room daily to ensure that the biltong is picked at just the right time.  It is then hand-picked, sliced and packed ready to be enjoyed as a tasty high protein snack.

Our biltong comes in a variety of packs sizes, which means it’s perfect as a snack for one or for sharing.  Plus, as it’s been air dried it has a really long shelf life and doesn’t need refrigerating, making it perfect for the gym bag or the desk drawer.  Biltong is also light and is easy to carry on the daily commute or exploring the great outdoors.

You can buy our biltong in a variety of outlets.


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