What is jerky and where does it come from?

The first man on the moon, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Beyoncé; all things the USA has contributed to civilisation. Fortunately for us, they have also contributed jerky. The word ‘jerky’ may seem like a strange term for a meat based food, but we promise that this is as scary as it gets. Jerky in its most simple form, is meat that has been preserved with salt and smoke. Doesn’t sound so scary now, does it?

Jerky originates from a Souwhat isjerky-th American Native tribe, and derives from the word “ch’arki”, meaning to burn meat (Wild West isn’t burnt, we promise). It has been a popular delicacy across North and South America since the 1500’s, and in most recent years it has made its way over to the UK.

Nowadays, the process of making jerky has changed and our jerky follows a very simple method. We use Silverside cuts of beef that have been sliced then hand mixed in a marinade of herbs and spices. Our team then lay each slice out by hand onto baking trays before the beef is slowly cooked and smoked in the oven.

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