What is the difference between jerky and biltong?

Have you wondered what the difference between jerky and biltong is?  Why would you have one and not the other?

Let us explain and then you can decide which one you would prefer.

 What is jerky? 

Wild West jerky is made from beef silverside, British chicken breast or Scottish farmed Atlantic salmon.  The proteins are then trimmed by hand and marinated in store cupboard ingredients such as soy sauce and apple cyder vinegar.  The proteins are then slowly cooked and smoked over applewood or beachwood.

The jerky is made in a range of flavours including; Jalapeno Beef Jerky, Fajita Spice Chicken Jerky to Sea Salt & Black Pepper Salmon Jerky.  You’ll be sure to find a flavour that you like.


What is biltong?

Our Cruga Biltong is made from whole beef silverside that is trimmed, then rubbed in herbs and spices.  The silverside is then air-dried in our unique drying room and skilfully picked when it is just at the right level of moistness.  The biltong is then sliced and packed ready for you to enjoy.

Biltong is also really low in carbs and comes in four delicious flavours: Chilli, Peppered, Smoked and Original.

Made to an authentic South African recipe, we’ve been told that is reminds South Africans of home.


How do they compare to other snacks?

You know that we’ll say that our jerky and biltong is lower in calories, lower in fat and sugar than other snacks.  But don’t just take our word for it, we created a couple of charts to show you too.

Cruga Biltong how it compares to other snacks



How many calories are in jerky and biltong?

Thankfully not many.  Many of our 25g packs are under 80 calories so you can snack away guilt free. Just remember to not just eat jerky and biltong and include it as part of a healthy balance diet.

  • 69 Calories, Cruga Biltong: With only 69 calories in a 25g bag, it is also low in sugar, high in protein and gluten free. Cruga Biltong also comes in four great flavours Original, Chilli, Smoked and Peppered
  • 72 Calories, Wild West Chicken Jerky : With only 72 calories per 25g pack and in a delicious Fajita Spice flavour, makes a great snack at any time of the day
  • 78 Calories, Wild West Jalapeno Beef Jerky : With only 79 calories in a 25g bag and 38% protein and Gluten free, beef jerky covers many areas that you are looking to build into your daily nutritional needs. A 25g pack can be enjoyed in a single serving (Other flavours are Honey BBQ 77 Calories, Original 79 Calories)

It’s not under 90 calories but Wild West Sea Salt & Black Pepper Salmon Jerky is pretty close at 119 calories per 30g pack. Not only is it gluten free and high in protein, it is also high in Omega 3, which is great for healthy minds too.

 Where can I buy it?

The great thing about Wild West Jerky and Cruga Biltong is that it is available nationwide and throughout Europe and beyond.  You can buy it in supermarkets, petrol forecourts, convenience stores and lots of online outlets too.  If there is somewhere you’d like to be able to buy let us know and we’ll pay them a visit to see what we can do.

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