What to drink with your jerky?

With jerky being a great alternative nibble to go with drinks we’ve paired our two Deli flavours with some favourite wines.

As Thai Spice is a strong flavour it needs a versatile wine that is able to stand up to the jerky whilst providing a refreshing drink, and so we choose a Riesling.  There are many kinds of Riesling out there and we’re sure you’ll have a favourite.  Having not aged in oak, and with typical aromas of flowers, tropical fruits and minerals, Riesling wine tends to be lighter weight and suitable to accompany a wider range of flavours.

For our Chilli & Lime beef jerky we’ve chosen a full bodied Malbec.  This wine that can stand up to the refreshing tang of the lime and be able to cut through the heat of the chilli.

We’d love to hear if you find another wine pairing that can match the flavours of Wild West Deli beef jerky.

And please remember to drink responsibly.



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