Where’s the beef? Wild West beef jerky goes meat‐free.

Meatsnacks Group, Europe’s largest producer of beef jerky and biltong today announces its flagship brand Wild West Jerky is going meat-free.

Beef jerky fans across the UK will now be able to enjoy their favourite high protein snack with the same great taste, but with 0% meat content.

The rebrand will also incorporate a new brand slogan: ‘Same tasty treat, without the meat!’

Chuck Brisket a spokesperson from the Meatsnacks Group, commented: ‘We’ve spent months perfecting our new secret recipe to ensure even our most ardent fans won’t be able to the taste the difference; it looks like jerky, tastes like jerky, but is 100% aubergine.

‘Perfect for jerky lovers doing meat-free Monday or those looking to incorporate an extra one of their five a day without compromising on the great beef jerky snack they know and love, we believe the new and improved recipe will cater to all tastes.’


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