Who eats jerky anyway?

who eats jerky anywayWe all love a bit of social proof to how we are living our lives and we’ve found these A list celebs who also eat on jerky to keep them going throughout the day.

Chris Hemsworth


To  prepare for his role in Thor Chris had to stick to a strict high protein diet to bulk up to the physique required for the role and choose beef jerky as his snack of choice.  With around 37g of protein per 100g depending on which brand you opt for, beef jerky is made from silverside beef which ensures that it is full of natural protein.  Plus with no added colours, falvours or preservatives this snack is perfect to include in high protein diets.

Jerky is also very convenient as it doesn’t need refrigerated so its perfect for keeping in the gym bag.


Kate Winslet


While Kate Winslet was spotted with a bag of jerky on set for the new Woody Allen film, Wonder Wheel.  As we know Kate is known for being proud of her body shape and its great to see that this leading actress knows the benefits of snacking on jerky.

It’ll keep her filled up until the next time she can make it to the catering trailer, it’s light and easy to carry around a film set and as we know it keeps fresh as long as she seals the pack up again.


Liz Hurley


A few years ago it was discovered that Liz Hurley snacks on beef jerky everyday.  She even used it to help her shed a few pounds (we recommend that you snack on beef jerky as part of a healthy, balanced diet too.)  Having lived in the US for a number of years Liz saw that Americans eat jerky like we eat chocolate and the great thing about jerky is that it contains less sugar and calories than chocolate and it keeps you filled up between meals as protein acts as an appetite suppressant and beef jerky is full of protein.


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