Why do we use silverside of beef?

We source all our silverside of beef from within the UK, Ireland and EU. Silverside is the cut of beef that you would use in your Sunday roast dinner. Over the years we have built relationships with our suppliers to ensure that we get first selection on the best silverside available. We also source regularly throughout the month to ensure that the meat is at its freshest when we use it in production.


For our Biltong

The Silverside is a solid muscle in cattle which lends itself perfectly for being cut into strips for hanging. It’s also relatively free from gristle so means that it is handled less. All we have to then do is marinate the silverside in our fine blend of spices and leave it to hang and turn into biltong, ready for you to enjoy.

In our Jerky

For our jerky we view the silverside as a premium cut from the hind quarter which has a consistent quality across all herds. The nature of the muscle fibres makes it ideal for absorbing our jerky marinade and with the decline in roast dinner occasions, this has become the affordable and stable steak of choice for our jerky.

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