Why jerky is not just for men?

Jerky with its nature of being a meat snack has tended to be viewed as a snack that mostly men ate.  But why should it be a snack exclusively for men, when it is high in protein and low in fat and makes a perfect snack for women too?

That’s why we’re going to bust some myths around it.

What is it?

Jerky is a dried meat snack. Our Wild West Jerky is biteable and is made by being marinated in ingredients such as soy sauce, apple cyder vinegar, herbs and spices plus some salt and sugar which acts as a preservative.  It is then slowly cooked and smoked over wood such as apple and beech to create a tasty snack that comes in a ready to eat pack.

How many calories and how much protein’s in jerky?

Wild West Jerky is high in protein and lower in calories than other snacks.  It is also gluten free.

  • Beef jerky per 35g pack contains 37% protein and only 110 calories per pack
  • Chicken jerky per 35g pack contains 40% protein and only 100 calories per pack
  • Salmon jerky per 35g pack contains 30% protein and only 119 calories per pack

How does jerky compare to other snacks?


Wild West comparison to other snacks

What is Wild West jerky made from?

We use beef silverside, British chicken breast and Scottish farmed Atlantic salmon to create our Wild West Jerky.  We only use the whole muscle, so you can be sure of the freshest product being used in the jerky you snack on.  All our jerky is also made in the Highlands of Scotland.

We explain more about the beef we use in the following post –  why does jerky and biltong cost more than other snacks.

Where can you buy jerky?

You can also pick up a packet of Wild West Jerky just about everywhere you go: supermarkets, petrol forecourts, convenience stores, vending machines, cafes, online.  Plus with jerky having a shelf life of 18 months and not needing refrigerated you can stock up and keep a pack in your bag for any snacking emergency.

Where to eat jerky?

That’s the great thing about jerky is that you can eat it anywhere.  On your daily commute, to beat the 3pm hunger pangs, post-workout, take it with you on a picnic, enjoy it with friends (goes great with gin and prosecco or a craft beer), exploring the outdoors, take it on holiday, save a stash in your desk drawer, add it to your packed lunch…the options are endless.  We’d love to hear where you enjoy yours.


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