Immerse yourself in a new realm of taste with KRAVE Jerky and Biltong. Our goal at KRAVE is to challenge the traditional perceptions of jerky and biltong by exploring diverse and unique flavour profiles that give consumers a deliciously innovative sensory experience.

At KRAVE, we base our flavour profiles around the Five Taste Sensations that we experience on the tip of our tongues; unami, sweetness, sourness, bitterness and saltiness. With this in mind, we developed three flavours that would combine KRAVE_02the taste sensations so they work together and complement each other. These flavours include; Szechuan Pepper & Ginger Salt Beef Jerky, Warm Chimichurri Beef Biltong and Zesty Lemon & Dill Salmon Jerky. Who knew jerky and biltong could be so tantalisingly tasty? We believe this innovative take on flavour profiling combined with vibrant and modern packaging will attract a new, social foodie consumer to the jerky and biltong category.

KRAVE’s unique flavours and vibrant packaging accentuates the quality of ingredients used within this hand-crafted product. KRAVE Beef Biltong is made from grass fed beef and KRAVE Beef Jerky is made from British beef. KRAVE Salmon Jerky uses Scottish farmed Atlantic salmon. All the products in the range are gluten free and KRAVE salmon jerky is high in Omega 3.

Although KRAVE disrupts the status quo of jerky and biltong currently on the market, it still holds true to the definitive features of jerky and biltong- it’s low in calories and high in protein.

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