Lee Maxwell trains for Ironman Mallorca and eats Cruga Biltong along the way

Are you an athlete looking for a high protein snack that’s also low in fat? Look no further; Cruga Biltong is packed full of protein, which helps aid muscle growth and recovery after workouts. Lee Maxwell, Triathlete and ambassador for Cruga, knows too well the importance of diet whilst training. He snacks on biltong to refuel after tough sessions and even during long bike rides.

Lee is no stranger to success within his field; he came 14th in the London Triathlon and achieved a gold time in the recent Le Classique Francais in Calais. Lee is now training towards his final big Triathlon of the season, Ironman Mallorca in just under 4 weeks. This will be Lee’s main triathlon this year and has been his prime focus for the last 6 months. In preparation for the big event, Lee is competing in Ironman Weymouth 70.3 on the 11th of September. His training has consisted of around 12 to 16+ hours of training per week, these are mainly concentrated into 1 to 2 hour sessions on single disciplines with some 100 mile bike rides thrown in.

Lee’s current coach has structured a weekly training plan that involves less quantity and focuses on specific drills to get the most out of the precious time he has to train. As you can imagine, juggling work, training and children means Lee has many 5.30 am alarm calls. This week, Lee has 3 swim sessions (both pool and open water) 3 bike sessions, 2 run sessions and a longer brick session (bike followed straight after a run). Bet you’re exhausted just reading that!

In the last month of training, Lee’s diet becomes incredibly important as he has to ensure that he shifts excess weight whilst still getting all the necessary nutrients. This means less refined carbs, sauces, alcohol and more fresh food, lean meats and of course, proteins.

Lee is pushing himself even further in October as he is racing in an attempt to qualify for GB at the Duathlon European Qualifiers.

We wish Lee the best of luck for his future events and we hope our biltong keeps him going. Follow Lee on Twitter for updates: @IronImprover

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