Wild West introduces Unicorn Jerky

Majestic, ethereal, beautiful and robust, the mighty unicorn is the National Animal of Scotland. As Wild West jerky is made on Scottish soil, we are giving consumers an authentic taste of the motherland by expanding our protein range to include unicorn.

Our purpose-built facility in the Scottish Highlands is now home to the manufacture of the unicorn jerky. Our unicorn is sourced from a trustworthy Scottish supplier that farms with high standards of welfare. The unicorn is 100% grass fed in clover rich fields without any artificial fertilisers or sprays.

Unicorn Jerky

Wild West Unicorn Jerky is made using cuts of unicorn tenderloin, that have been thinly sliced, marinated in sugar and spice (and everything nice), and then slowly smoked over Applewood. Wild West is launching with 2 new unique flavours including; Basil & Bubblegum and Paprika & Pear Drop. The unicorn has a very sweet but gamey flavour, and it’s sparkly, iridescent appearance is anticipated to be a game changer amongst contenders in the meat snacking market.

A spokesperson for Wild West comments:

“We are delighted to be adding unicorn jerky to our product portfolio. We had been looking to produce unicorn jerky since 2000, but had been encountering problems with sourcing. We believe unicorn jerky offers us a great opportunity to continue to diversify our offering and tap into a wider market”. 

Wild West Unicorn Jerky will be launching in the summer of 2018.


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