Wild West – a new look with all the same love and attention gone into making great tasting jerky


Wild West is receiving a makeover this month and we want to take you through the journey of creating a new look and a new taste to your favourite jerky.

Wild West was created in 2000 on the west coast of the Western Isles and over the years little has changed with the look of the brand and we wanted to create a brand that you’ll continue to enjoy.

We’re all about spreading the love of jerky and we knew that our red packaging was polarising and put a lot of people off trying jerky for the first time.  So, we listened to you through extensive focus groups and worked with a leading branding agency to create: Wild West.

We also took the opportunity to refine the recipe.  Over the years this has changed too as in the beginning we were importing from South America and had little control over the quality and consistency to the product, to 2012 when we opened our own jerky making facility in Forres, in the Scottish Highlands.  This was an exciting time for us and we could now provide you with beef sourced from mainly the UK and Ireland and ensure that we had full control over making our jerky and development of new flavours too.

So, last year we took this a step further to making sure you always have great tasting jerky and took on our own jerky development guru, Katie.  Katie’s been working away in her kitchen to create a jerky that has a softer texture but retains all the flavour of Wild West.

The new packs will start appearing in shops from September with the new Jalapeno Beef Jerky being the first to hit the shelves, which is a brand new flavour too.

Katie has also expanded the range and created a Fajita Spice chicken jerky and two salmon jerky flavours: Sea Salt & Black Pepper and Chill.  These three jerky’s will be available soon.  Not only that but we’ll be adding beef biltong to the range for the first time too.


For the salmon jerky we’re using Scottish farmed Atlantic salmon and this will be made on the banks of the River Spey in the Scottish Highlands.  The chicken jerky will use 100% British Chicken Breast and be made in our original jerky factory in Forres.

So share with us when you spot the new packs and recipes, we’d love to hear what you think and take you on the next phase of Wild West’s journey.

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