Wimbledon, tennis, strawberries and jerky?

Yes, jerky.https://www.meatsnacksgroup.com/wild-west-beef-jerky/where-to-buy/

We don’t quite have a summer of sport this year, but we do have two weeks of Wimbledon to get us hooked and looking to dust off the tennis racquet again (we’ve all bought one haven’t we!).

And with tennis brings our love of strawberries and cream, or a glass or two of pimms.  Nothing beats fresh British strawberries.  But this year we’ve got something that you should try when you’re in front of the telly or lucky enough to be at centre court, jerky.  It also goes quite well with pimms too, especially the Honey BBQ.

Why jerky? Jerky is light to carry and won’t go off in your bag come rain or shine.  Which means you can bag a great spot on Murray mound to catch all the action on the big screen. Let’s hope for the shine.  It is also low in calories and fat, so you can enjoy guilt free snacking for a fortnight.  Just remember to keep it as part of a healthy balanced diet that includes plenty of fruit and veg too.

If you stock up now you’ll have plenty to last you through the hours of match watching that is ahead.  All culminating with a weekend of finals on the 15th and 16th July.

So, all that’s left to do is to pull out the TV guide to find out when your favourites players are on or pack your bag ready to head to Wimbledon or your local tennis courts.  Whatever you decide please share your jerky and tennis pictures with us over in Twitter @wwbeefjerky.


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