Cosmo Taylor, Body Builder and Power Lifter

Cosmo, age 15 has been training since he was 10 years old and was doing martial arts before he got into weight training.??He first competed in power lifting when he was 14 and since then has been a regular at competitions throughout the country.

Cosmo trains 7 times per week for around 1.5 hours per session and fits this in around his school studys as he is working towards his Standard Grades in May.

Cosmo has been eating Cruga Biltong as part of his nutritional regime since May 2014 Cosmo said that ?when I am competing and training I have noticed that I get better results using natural proteins rather than protein shakes. Cruga Biltong is an easy snack to take with me for a post training boost.?

Cosmo can be seen competing at the following competitions throughout the autumn:

12th?September Scottish Open

10th?October Irish Muscle Power, Belfast

24th?November Silver City Classic Bodybuiding Competition, Aberdeen

Cosmo?s goal for 2015 being able to deadlift 200kg by Christmas time.? This is also a family goal which his sister Bronwyn also looking to achieve.

Cosmo competed at the British Drug Free Powerlifting Association Scottish Nationals on Saturday 12th. He returned home with a very healthy 2nd?place having lifted a total of 380kg comprising a 115kg squat; 92.5kg benchpress and a 172.5kg deadlift at a body weight of 85.8kg.

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