The ultimate high protein snack

Men’s Health Fuel Beef Jerky is not only packed with protein – there’s over 12g per 30g pack – but it also tastes great.  It is also gluten free and contains no artificial colours, flavouring or preservatives, or added MSG. What’s more, a pack of it takes up little room in your gym bag, doesn’t need refrigerating, and will also keep for up to three days once opened – not that it’s very likely you won’t eat it all straight away!

Men’s Health Fuel Beef Jerky was developed by the experts at Men’s Health magazine along with some assistance from a team of Men’s Health magazine subscribers.

The jerky uses 100% British and Irish beef silverside, which is a high source of natural protein.  The jerky is then marinated, slowly cooked and smoked to create a great tasting snack ready for you to enjoy.

The jerky has also been endorsed by Men’s Health magazine for building muscle, as part of a protein rich diet and creating a healthy immune system.

Protein is essential for building and repairing your body such as muscle re-growth, skin, hair and bones and this makes jerky a perfect snack.  As your body does not store protein you need to eat regular amounts throughout the day.

Protein also helps you feel fuller for longer as it acts as an appetite suppressant, so one 30g pack of jerky makes for a great snack during the day and helps keep those hunger pangs at bay.

So if you’ve never tried Men’s Health Fuel Beef Jerky then give it a go, and you can find where to buy it here.

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