Thurlestone Four fuel up for the Marathon des Sables.

Texas Joe’s Beef Jerky are supporting the Thurlestone Four on their quest to complete the 2016 Marathon des Sables.

The team have been using Texas Joe’s as part of their training and will be using the jerky on the marathon itself.  The Marathon des Salbles takes place from the 8th-18th April 2016 in Morocco.

William Jarvis from the team said ‘Now, I have a personal gripe with the way most beef jerky seems to resemble maroon strips of translucent plastic, the walkers equivalent of a fine baked potato – we needed the posh stuff for this job. In walks Texas Joe. Quite literally; tender, dried but juicy, ever so slightly spicy, fruity steak in a bag. It passed its test in the heat of battle (mid-run) despite being an untraditional go-to snack for the endurance athlete. Combined with a banana, it has become a staple for mid-run, post-workout and occasionally breakfast (it really is that good). A resounding and eager thumbs-up from the rest of the team (all rugby-playing blokes with apex-predator diets) means we will be looking forward to tearing into a bag daily on our Marathon des Sables.’

Thurlestone Four

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