Wild West Deli

Softer Beef Jerky

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Wild West Deli beef jerky
Beef brisket, marinated and
smoked over applewood

Our Deli beef jerky is both soft and tasty for some very good reasons:

Firstly, the softness comes from the fact that we only use high quality beef brisket, which is then carefully marinated and slowly smoked over applewood chips.


And the key to the great taste comes from the marinade, which only includes the sort of ingredients you’d have in your own kitchen store cupboard.
The fact that we also make our jerky in the Highlands of Scotland, might also have something to do with how special it is.

The delicious pieces of lean beef brisket are not only perfect as a guilt-free snack, but also to serve with pre-dinner drinks or even as an ingredient to certain dishes.

Chilli & Lime
The UK's favourite Jerky has now gone Deli
Thai Spice

Available in Thai Spice and Chilli & Lime flavours